What Does A Still Life Photographer Do?

With the term still life, most people generally think of drawings and paintings. In a similar fashion, scenes of inanimate objects are also often used in photography. As you might expect, a still life photographer is responsible for gathering the items, creating a setting for them, arranging them together, and also crafting a lighting setup that conveys the proper mood they want to capture. From there, copious amounts of photos are taken from varying angles and with different settings, all of which will be analyzed with the utmost attention to detail later on. Still life photography is widely practised by traditional and digital photographers alike.

Of course, digital photography offers more immediate variation to a still life photographer. For instance, they can easily change different settings that might help them get unique lighting and overall color options right within the camera itself. Before the advent of digital photos, such practices took much more time since it had to be done manually. Being able to easily store and then access literally hundreds and hundreds of photos is also one of the major positives to working digitally for photographers across the board, but still life photographers in particular enjoy the opportunity to accomplish their work quickly.

Even so, just as with motion picture work, there are many that prefer shooting on film with a wide array of different lenses and then going through the process of developing the film in a dark room. There’s a certain warmth to actual film that really helps bring out the subjects in still life photos, even if the photographer has chosen to shoot in black and white. Although it is rapidly improving, especially with DSLR cameras, there’s always a somewhat flatter appearance to most digital photos.

Of course, still life photography has many different applications. There’s a long standing tradition of presenting the photos as art pieces in and of themselves, just as with the illustrated and painted still life counterparts that many people have become accustomed to seeing throughout their lives. There’s plenty of commercial work available when it comes to still life photography as well however.

For example, photographers with a strong background of working with still life shoots are often chosen to capture the photos for major product reveals. If a company like Apple is about to unveil a new series of smart phones, promotional material showcasing each of the models arranged together is a prerequisite for the obligatory marketing campaign. Those kind of photos are precisely what still life photographers often set out to create, albeit with a more commercially slanted purpose.

While it isn’t the most widely talked about art form, still life photography is undoubtedly ubiquitous and a widespread part of our modern culture. Most people come across examples of it every single day, especially in print media, advertising, and online shopping sites. From traditional arrangements of household belongings to major product reveals, there’s certainly no shortage of examples of this style of photography in the world.

Finding The Right Wedding Planner In Ottawa

Preparing for your wedding should be one of the most exciting times of your entire life. It is certainly one of the most exciting things that you will be doing as a couple. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most stressful things that you can do as a couple as well. The amount of things that are going to be on your plate can really put a damper on the entire experience. For this reason, it is always recommended to hire a wedding planner. Not only will they be able to help you plan your picture perfect wedding, but they should be able to provide you with numerous other benefits as well. In this article, we will be going over some of the many benefits that you are going to get from hiring the right wedding planner in Ottawa.

Benefits Of Hiring A Wedding Planner:

1. You Can Save Money.

Believe it or not, but hiring a wedding planner will likely end up saving you money in the long run. Because wedding planners typically have access and relationships to industry related companies, you are likely going to end up paying less than you would if you never hired a wedding planner to begin with – even with their cost factored into the equation. A lot of people associated wedding planners as being another ‘expense’ when truly it should be looked at as an investment. They will likely be able to find you a better deal than you ever could on your own for just about everything you would need for your wedding to be perfect.

2. You Can Save Time.

Another huge benefit that you are likely going to get from hiring a professional wedding planner is the ability to save time. Because their job is to plan your entire wedding, they will be able to line up all kinds of things for you so you can run right through them including setting up viewings for locations, trials, rehearsals, and more. All you will be required to do is show up to them and make your final decision.

3. You Can Reduce Stress.

As noted previously, one of the worst things about planning a wedding is the fact that it can add a tremendous amount of stress to your daily life. Because there is so much to get done and so many important decisions to be made, it can be a truly stressful experience. The good thing is that a wedding planner is going to be able to effectively reduce and in some cases even eliminate stress all together from the entire process. This is one of the best benefits that you are going to get from hiring a wedding planner because it is going to allow you to really have a great time planning your ultimate wedding.

As you can see, there are plenty of unique benefits that you will get from hiring a professional wedding planner. It would be wise to do so to really make the experience a lot better, to save money, and to save time.

Why Choose Canvas Prints Over Other Decorating Options?

Why Choose Canvas Prints Over Other Decorating Options?

Prints have taken the place of paintings in offices, homes and buildings all across America. Some may wonder why, but the reasons are obvious. Canvases produce vivid pictures on a high quality, durable material. They’re also much cheaper than paintings. Plus, they weigh less. This makes them easier to hang.

Don’t Bother Looking At Frames

If you go in to buy anything else, whether it’s a poster or a painting, you’ll need to purchase a frame for it to be presentable in a home or office. Canvases are good looking by themselves. They don’t need the addition of wood around them. They seemingly merge into the walls once hung up. This gives a modern, vivid look to the artwork.

Canvas Prints: Customization

You can take any photo off of your phone and have it blown up on a canvas. This means you get to be the photographer. When having a photo taken professionally, you’re not in control. So the picture always comes out looking posed and fake. Want to immortalize your child’s expression when he opened up his Christmas present? It can be plastered on your living room wall forever if you take a digital copy of the pic and then send to to a canvas print company.

Interested in trying to sell your art? You’ll only produce one copy if you don’t have a digital one made and printed out onto canvases. A lot of potential clients, who may not be willing to shell out the big bucks for an original copy, will purchase a digital replication of it on a nice canvas if they really like the piece. Even though it’s not the original artwork, they still get a pretty picture to hang in their home.

Selling copies of your art on a canvas means your customers won’t have to be burdened with the task of purchasing a possibly pricey frame. A lot of people will avoid buying art pieces because they know it’ll cost them more money in the end. When a client purchases art on a canvas, it can be hung-up as it is. You can advertise this fact to make more sales. Canvas prints save you and your customers money in the end.

Canvas Prints Couldn’t Be Cheaper

If you would just like a canvas print, and don’t care about customizing the artwork on it, it’s easy to buy a relatively large one for under $20. Having one customized with a family photo, while still affordable, is the most expensive option. A customized canvas that’s 8 by 10 inches could end up costing you $20. That’s if you buy it at a traditional printing place and don’t have them done in bulk. Large ones, that are around 30 by 40 inches, are usually available for under $200 a piece. That is, if they’re customized.

Canvas Prints: Cheaper And They Look Cooler

What’s not to love about this option? You get a wonderful piece of art, or family photo, and it looks bright and wonderful in your home. Enjoy the vivid picture that the ink-jet printer gives off. Since each canvas printing job can be done in a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to take it home and hang it up in no time!

How To Get Wedding Album Design Help Right Away

How To Get Wedding Album Design Help Right Away

When you want to work with getting wedding album design help, this advice can help you out. There are a lot of people to work with and you’ll be much better off if you know what to look for in a company that does this kind of work. Be careful and go through these tips to get the best design done for you.

Talk with a photographer that does wedding albums so that you can have them professionally create yours for you. The key here is to make sure that the photos are taken right and that they are in a format that you can pass onto someone that can help with the design. You may find it to be a little easier to get help from a photographer that can take photos for you and then design your album from what they get in the way of pictures.

Designing this on your own isn’t that tough if you have photos you can put together to create the album. All you have to do is a little bit of research into what kind of album you need to order and get some glue to put the photos into the album with. If you don’t want to have to deal with getting glue or another adhesive on the backs of the photos, you can find an album where you can just slip them in. These generally don’t have much wiggle room for creativity since each page will be for one photo, but it can keep your pictures safe.

The idea for designing an album is to make it remind you of the wedding. You’ll want to try to get it in the right colors that match up with your wedding’s. When you’re trying to get this put together, try looking for the right colors at a crafting store, and if you can’t find them you can always color the album any way you’d like. Try to just shop around a little because then you are going to be able to see if there are any design options you can work with.

A good idea to find a designer for cheap is to look for a graphic artist to work with. You can generally work with a freelancing website to help you get into touch with someone that is able to do the work for a good price. These websites will let you put a job up and then let others bid on it so that you can find someone that will not charge you too much like a lot of companies will. Just make sure that you hire someone that can show you their portfolio first before you risk spending your money.

Working with wedding album design options can help you to get the best help. You just have to make sure that you do some research by using the tips here. When you use these tips they will get an album made that you can enjoy.

Your Wedding Photo Album: What To Include

Your Wedding Photo Album: What To Include

Getting married is something that many of us hope to do just once in a lifetime. Being such an amazing day in our lives, we want to create as many mementos as possible. One of the most common keepsakes from a wedding day is a wedding photo album. If you are planning a wedding or just want to create the perfect book to commemorate your special day, use these tips to help you create the perfect wedding album.

First of all, get as many pictures as possible. Whether you choose to hire a professional photographer or have friends take pictures for you, you should do all you can to document the special day. Even if you do choose a professional photographer, having friends and family take pictures and then share them with you will give you an even bigger selection of photos to choose from for your wedding photo album. Just don’t forget to remind everyone that takes pictures to somehow share them with you after the wedding.

When taking pictures, you want to document everything about the event. If you have a rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, or any other fun events leading up to your wedding, don’t forget to take pictures so you will have them for your album. Then, make sure everything about the special day is photographed. Get pictures of the bride and the groom and their parties getting ready. Pictures of the first look are special, too. Take pictures of the guests arriving. And of course get plenty of pictures of the ceremony and the rehearsal. All of these will be perfect to put in your photo album.

After the wedding, and when you are ready to create your album, print out as many of the pictures as you can. The more you have to choose from, the better. Print the professional pictures and the ones shared from friends. A mixture of both will make a very special album.

You also want to pick out a photo album. While traditional albums are white or black, since this is your album, you can choose anything that you find perfect to hold the memories from your wedding day. Also, make sure the album you choose will hold as many pictures as you want to display.

When you have both the album and all of your pictures, start planning the album. Instead of just placing the pictures in the book, start with a plan. You will want to make sure the pictures you place in the album are in an order that make sense.

In your wedding album, you may even choose to include additional pictures. Consider adding pictures of the two of you as you started dating and all the way to your marriage. Also, you may want to add pictures from your honeymoon, too.

In conclusion, your wedding photo album serves as a beautiful reminder of a loving relationship. Use the tips shared here to help you create a book that you can look at for many years to come.

Advantages Of Canvas Prints

Advantages Of Canvas Prints

Need to get new prints that are going to look fantastic as soon as you get them? Well, you will enjoy the power of canvas prints and what they can do for you once you have purchased them. Always pay attention to what you are going to get in terms of these prints and why more and more individuals only want these.

It is the advantages that are going to be listed here that will make you want to push for them as well. The balance, quality, and overall durability is just unmatchable with all other options that you will find.


The beauty is hard to deny because you will be astonished at how nice it looks when you have it up on the wall. There are some things such as these prints that are going to bring life to a room and that is why you will want to purchase it. The best part is that you are going to have a lot of control in terms of what you are going to have on the canvas. This means, you will be able to find the right fit for your needs and wants as soon as you want to. Who doesn’t like something such as this?

Look Professional

A professional solution when it comes to prints such as these will always matter. It is all about getting something to look nice and that is why most people tend to go down this route in the end. They want it to look good and that is all they are going to care about.

They will never want to take chances in this regard because if it does not look as good as they want, it will be them who are going to lose out the most and that is always awful.

Great At All Sizes

There are some sizing options that are just not going to work unless you put them on canvas. Most people understand this, but others tend to learn this the hard way. It is always smarter to consult professionals in this regard and make sure they are going to give you the type of canvas prints that you have been hoping for. Isn’t that you want you are going to desire when it comes to something of this nature? It is a must at this point in time and anything less won’t do.

These are the real advantages that you are going to see at the end of the day. Getting these prints will bring perspective to the value you are getting as soon as you get it in your hands. Other options are just not going to do it for you when you are able to see the quality that is on offer here. It is just impossible to find something such as this on the open market these days. It is not going to happen at all. So, look for a great supplier and then move forward. It will show through the results you get.

Wedding Album Design Tips

Wedding Album Design Tips

Anytime that you are putting together a wedding album, it is important to realize and remember that these are memories that will last a lifetime. If your wedding is considered the most special day of your life, you need to put the same type of consideration into the wedding album that you put into planning the wedding. Handling it in this manner will allow you to make the best decision as far as getting the greatest photos, album design and album material. This will require you to take advantage of a few tips, which will be valuable for you as you seek the wedding album of your dreams.

The very first and perhaps most important step you should take in order to get the best wedding album design that you need is to hire the photographer whose eye and ability matches exactly what you want. This means looking through their portfolio and getting a clear idea of the type of work that they handle. For example, if you are having a large wedding and want to catch several candid moments, a documentary style photographer might be best. If you want a more traditional wedding album, you might look into more stationary poses and a variety of settings. This is the most critical step of the process when it comes to getting the designed wedding album of your dreams.

When you want to be sure that the physical design of the album is suited to your needs, think about where you will be displaying it. Is it just in our home that you will pull out every few years or do you plan to display it in an important room in your home or on a wall? These are critical answers they need to be discussed in order to select the best material, color and style for any kind of album that you are choosing to put together.

Finally, the backing by which your photos will be set is perhaps the most important design being you will need to come to grips with from an aesthetic point of view. Black and white photos require certain color schemes, while rich, really high definition photos will require another. By working with photographers or wedding album designers, you will best be able to select excellent materials that will get you through this process and make sure that you are piecing it all together in a way that will not clash. Test out some material swatches and backdrops far ahead of time and look for examples of our homes that people have put together in the past. This will get the juices flowing and will allow you to make excellent decisions in this regard.

Consider these points and use them as you put together any kind of wedding album. This will work for you incredibly well and will give you the opportunity to get an excellent end result. These memories will last a lifetime, so do your due diligence when selecting the best wedding album.